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Iliana Ramos Jones

On the Issues

Winter Garden is a family friendly community and always has been. Whenever making decisions regarding the future of our community we must keep in mind our young families and also our senior citizens. Retaining not just a clean, safe, and traditional community feel but also focusing on our parks and other amenities. This means supporting our police department, to which Winter Garden has its own, and keeping our streets clean and well maintained. Winter Garden must remain a suitable place for our local families to grow up in.

When considering development and “smart growth” we must acknowledge the desire of our residents to maintain a low-density City. That is why we must find ways to retain and protect our green space and allow for construction only that fits the current character of the city. Serving the residents here is a priority, their quality of living will be my focus while in office.

Small Town Charm
Retaining Small Town Charm ties into the family feeling of Winter Garden and the low-density approach. However, it is also something more, it is about embracing our special events in the downtown area and retaining designs that fit the historical construction of the area to which we live. Even in areas outside of downtown such as the majority of District 2, we must have an infrastructure first mentality that prioritizes small living with the conveniences of a modern city.

Supporting Police & Fire
for safer streets and neighborhoods

Fiscally conservative budgeting and low taxes

Ending disrespectful behavior and rule breaking
of the current incumbent


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